Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Texas Grand Ole Docket

Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo, has started a great new feature, TPM Grand Ole Docket. Here I've highlighted those in the docket with a Texas Connection. Click throught to Josh's site to see how the GOP in Ohio and California are in it deep, and unfortunately a couple of Dems in Louisiana. Josh writes:

The Grand Ole Docket tracks trial dates, court appearances and sentencing hearings for players in the current array of national political scandals. But not just any crook can make it on the Docket - it only tracks perps who've been named by prosecutors in indictments or plea agreements.

Be sure to check back periodically as the investigations continue.

And here is the Texas Hall of Shame, and what a lovely bunch they are.

Click here to go to Blue Texas to see the Texas Hall of Shame. The code wouldn't play well with blogger.


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