Saturday, January 28, 2006

U.S. Ally Georgia Turns to Iran for Gas

International News Source for USA, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa and Egypt - U.S. Ally Georgia Turns to Iran for Gas: "Georgia struck a deal with Iran for emergency natural gas supplies Friday, as the tiny U.S.-ally suffered through its worst energy crisis in years and government officials accused Russia of waging an energy blockade.
Dawn-to-dusk lines persisted in the capital Tbilisi for a second day, as desperate Georgians queued up for kerosene and firewood to heat their homes amid the largest snowfall in years. Many from the former Soviet republic, from President Mikhail Saakashvili down to those shivering in below-freezing temperatures in the capital, struck a note of defiance.

'It's an energy blockade. That's what it is,' said 58-year-old Bichiko Gveseladze, who waited six hours along at least 500 other people for government-subsidized kerosene. 'Russia is doing it because they don't want Georgia to be fully independent.'

Why is this a Texas Politics story? Because Texas is about to see a boom in energy production jobs. The headlines have been full of stories about the new wind turbine farms coming to Texas. And while our oil and gas fields are in decline, there's still lot's of opportunity when the price of a barrel of oil tops $100. Of course, we may have to build some pipelines to bring in drinking water.

Nearly a week after explosions shut down a gas pipeline in a Russian border region and nearly two days after winter weather downed a major electric transmission line, Georgian officials announced a deal that sees Tehran supplying 71 million cubic feet of gas a day via Azerbaijan pipelines."

Google "peak oil" and find out just exactly how safe our Prez has made us in this new millenium.


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