Monday, January 30, 2006

DeLay focuses on re-election, swipes at critics - Politics -

DeLay focuses on re-election, swipes at critics - Politics - "Confident of his chances in a tough November re-election race, former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay blasted the “runaway prosecutor,” dismissed fallout from a disgraced lobbyist and said he remains focused on pushing a conservative agenda in Congress.

“We've had an 11-year run of a Republican majority doing things that I’m incredibly proud of — cutting taxes, strong national defense, welfare reform, balancing the budget, paying down on the debt. I mean, one thing after another, we've been effective on it and the Democrats don't like it,” DeLay said in an interview on “Hardball with Chris Matthews.”"

I'm sure Tweety Bird Mathews threw Delay a softball set of interview question. And Matthews has his own ties to Abramoff. But how does any reporter keep his job when he just ignores flat out lies like the bit high-lighted in red above. This needs to be pointed out to Lampson. I see a campaign commercial here. I'm glad I live in the reality-based community, where I can spot the GOP's up is downism for what it is.


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