Sunday, January 29, 2006

Burnt Orange Report - Weekend Governor's Race Round Up

Burnt Orange Report - Weekend Governor's Race Round Up: "Mexican-American Democrats of Texas Endorse Bell
The El Paso Times reports today that Chris Bell has picked up his first endorsement going into the Democratic Primary. The Mexican-American Democrats of Texas endorsed Bell for governor of Texas. The endorsements are starting to pile up in the Chris Bell camp. After looking at the Gammage website, the only endorsement I could find was from Rep. Jim Dunnam of Waco."

The interesting part of this post is the comments. The liberal blogosphere that reads Burnt Orange seems to be strongly behind Gammage.


Anonymous Karl-T said...

I'd say that's fairly accurate Mike. And while I'm personally supportive of Gammage, I've tried to have both campaigns covered as equally as possible on BOR and let the readers figure it out from there. Though I am finding many of them have come to the same conclusion I have...

6:42 PM  

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