Sunday, January 29, 2006

Pair fight to show Dems can win Texas

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They might be fighting for the right to come in third – or even fourth – in the race for Texas governor, but that doesn't mean Chris Bell and Bob Gammage are going through the motions.

Rather, they're scrambling to convince voters that the race can be won by a Democrat – if not by the other guy.

They take similar positions on school finance, taxes and social issues. But that's where the similarities end.

Mr. Bell, a former congressman, pitches himself as the "candidate of the future" who has plans to lower school dropout rates and make college more affordable.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bob Gammage (left) answers questions during the first stop of his campaign tour in Sugar Land.

Mr. Gammage says he's "a messenger" about a state government that's in bed again with big political donors.

Mr. Bell is almost professorial in his approach, reading from handwritten notes on school-binder paper at the Alamo last week. (He has two sons in grade school.) In five minutes, he was through.

He believes he'll win because Democrats appreciate his courage for jumping into the race last February.

"I was the only one out there carrying the message about the need to continue the fight, not to give up just because 2004 wasn't a banner year for Democrats," he said.

Mr. Gammage is a dynamic speaker who says he felt compelled to run after recognizing there was no Democrat in the race with a "fire in the belly and energy in their blood."

That fervor won over at least one voter last week in Corpus Christi for the former state Supreme Court justice.

Anybody have a horse in this race yet. I haven't decided.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been doing a little research myself. What I was looking for is the level of grassroots involvement in either man's campaign. I'm convinced that the only way to grow the Texas Democratic party is through grassroots efforts. The 'stock' Democratic consultants have failed to win statewide in 10 years.

Took a trip to both websites to see what I can find.

Gammage's top story today is about the Mid-Cities Democrats meeting Saturday night in Hurst. One lone MSM from the Startelegram, and numerous first person accounts from what seem to be VERY enthusiastic supporters.

Went to the Bell site. Nice little story about a nice little Saturday... an endorsement from a group controlled by one of his endorsers (MADD) .... and a couple of comments. One is from a former "aide to Mr. Bell in Washington" and the other one is screaming in all caps about "why someone from the campaign didn't answer their email".


Score 1 for Gammage.

Next story... General Wesley Clark CAME TO TEXAS to help Gammage and Juan Garcia. Whoa! That's impressive! More stories written by grassroots supporters who got to mingle up close and personal with the General and Justice Gammage.

Further down the page, Gammage has been endorsed by Jim Dunnam... JIM DUNNAM! The hero of Ardmore!

Back to Bell. A long list of 'endorsers' I don't really know much about. I think I've heard their names, but can't pin down in what context except that some were fellow Congressmen when Bell was there.

Bell gets half a point for volume. Gammage gets a point for getting both the General and the Hero of Ardmore on his side.

Okay 2 for Gammage, 1/2 for Bell.

Well, this might take all night.

10:59 PM  

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