Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Miers played role in Bush’s Guard cover up

October 5, 2005 Headlines | Miers played role in Bush’s Guard cover up: "Harriet Miers is a skilled lawyer who has worked on behalf of big business, including Microsoft and Disney. But her main qualification for a U.S. Supreme Court seat appears to be her loyal service to George W. Bush. That was certainly in evidence in 1998, when Bush was running for re-election as Texas governor while considering a run for president, and paid her $19,000 to run an internal probe of any possible trouble lurking in Bush’s National Guard service.

Not long after that, a lawsuit alleged that the Texas Lottery Commission, then chaired by Bush appointee Miers, played a role in a multi-million dollar cover-up of the scandal. It’s a murky chapter that could provide some fodder for Miers’ upcoming confirmation hearings.

According to Newsweek's Michael Isikoff, Miers and other aides quickly identified a problem in 1998 — rumors that Bush had help from his father in getting into the National Guard back in 1968.

Ben Barnes, a prominent Texas Democrat and former speaker of the Texas House, told friends he had used his influence to get Bush a Guard slot after receiving a request from Houston oilman Sid Adger. But Barnes didn’t actually speak directly to Bush Sr. and had no documents to back up his story."


Anonymous Bineaux said...

Well my goodness! Another person who covered for Bush gets A cushy and undeserved appointment & no one knows anything abut her "record." Actually, her "record" of plum public appointmentss via G.W.B. goes to the Lottery Commission where Ben Barnes recieved a "nice" severence package from the Lottery operators(see a pattern here?) Then said operators were re-awarded their concession over lower bidders.
As Don Imus said, "at least Bush didn't appoint Karen Hughes to the Supreme Court."

9:12 AM  

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