Tuesday, October 04, 2005

DeLay Again Shows His Bruising Style

Hollister Free Lance: "Jeez, that was quite a hissy fit Tom DeLay had, calling Ronnie Earle a rogue prosecutor, a partisan fanatic and an unabashed partisan zealot out for personal revenge.

Ronnie Earle? Our very own mild-mannered - well, let’s be honest, bland as toast, eternally unexciting, Mr. Understatement, Old Vanilla - Ronnie Earle? If the rest of Tom DeLay’s defense is as accurate as his description of Ronnie Earle, DeLay might as well have himself measured for a white jumpsuit right now.

For the one-zillionth time, of the 15 cases Ronnie Earle has brought against politicians over the years, 12 of them were against Democrats. Earle was so aggressive in going after corrupt Democrats, the Republicans never even put up a candidate against him all during the ‘80s. Partisan is not a word anyone can honestly use about Ronnie Earle, but that sure doesn’t stop the TV blabbermouths. So many of them have bought the Republican spin that Earle is on a partisan witch-hunt, the watchdogs like Media Matters can hardly keep up."


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