Sunday, October 09, 2005

Battle over gay marriage begins

Star-Telegram | 10/09/2005 | Battle over gay marriage begins: "Depending on whom you ask, this election season will be about the sanctity of marriage, the protection of individual rights, or nothing but a setup for the real races in 2006.

Either way, all the talk is going to be about gay marriage.

The fight over same-sex marriages in Texas is heating up, as both sides ratchet up their arguments over a proposed constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.

Texas is the only state with an amendment on the ballot involving the hot-button issue this year, making it a focus of the gay-marriage movement -- pro and con -- for the next month."


Anonymous Bineaux said...

Let's see: Most of our children can't read at grade-level. Most of our minority students drop-out of High School. We rank 50th in education levels,(right behind Mississippi.) What can we do?
I know! We'll get everyone all revved up and pass a constitutional amendment against gay marriage! That's the ticket. That will solve Texas' biggest problem. Now if we could only pass an amendment prohibiting the legislature from meeting.

10:29 PM  

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