Saturday, October 08, 2005

State income tax favorable to some but unlikely Metro | State: "Patti Hawley doesn't think it makes sense to keep socking homeowners with higher school property taxes when an alternative tax would be fairer.

The University of Texas at San Antonio student emerged from a state senator's school finance presentation last week convinced that Texans should adopt a personal income tax, which could cut school property taxes by 90 percent and create dependable school funding to bring the state to the national average.

'It makes sense to me because you shouldn't be overtaxed on your home,' Hawley said. 'Everybody should have a house.'"


Anonymous Bineaux said...

An income tax! An income tax? The very idea. Does this poor misguided student think she is living in one of those sissy "Blue States up-North" where people only
vote for candidates who have demonstrated they can read?
The next thing you know, Texas schools would be decently funded and teachers would be paid a living wage! I tell you it's a slippery slope and we don"t want to go there. More Texas children might even be reading at grade level and be ahead of their parents. Then where would we be?

11:25 AM  

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