Sunday, October 09, 2005

People already following DeLay-Lampson race

The Galveston County Daily News: "The man who wants to unseat Congressman Tom DeLay — still a political force despite two recent indictments — is headquartered in a two-room office in a strip mall above a natural foods store in Nassau Bay.

Nick Lampson has a couple laptops, a smattering of staff and a campaign poster tacked to his door. As of Tuesday, no one had changed his office sign in the lobby, which still read: Suite 271, Law Offices of Daniel Conley.

Lampson said he’s running lean right now. The election, after all, is 13 months away.

But the nation is ignoring neither him nor the race.

On Lampson’s desk is a DeLay political cartoon that someone sent him from Sacramento. Those laptops hold records of more than $750,000 in contributions received since May, when Lampson, who represented Galveston County before the Republican-led redistricting, announced his candidacy. DeLay staffers say support for the congressman is also high, with contributions reaching a 20-year record last quarter.

The 22nd Congressional District race is already a big deal. And it’s only expected to get bigger. "


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