Monday, July 18, 2005

State gambles on üIT consolidation

State gambles on üIT consolidation: "Dustin Lanier knows it won't be easy getting more than 200 agencies to turn over responsibility for their IT infrastructures to the Texas Department of Information Resources when a new state law takes effect Sept. 1.

But the department's director of strategic initiatives is betting that having the right people to help him will make the difference between success and failure. For that help, he has turned to Brian Rawson and Kim Weatherford, both with heavy experience managing agency-level IT in Texas.

'They have a lot of credibility with agencies in terms of having both direct background and logistical experience,' Lanier said.

The trio will begin selling the concept of a centrally coordinated IT infrastructure at a conference next month in Dallas. The pitch also will contribute to a growing business opportunity for systems integrators to provide outsourcing and other services to the state. "


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