Monday, July 18, 2005

Redefining Chicano Socio-Political Discourse...: Racism Spreads...

Redefining Chicano Socio-Political Discourse...: Racism Spreads...: "I found this piece on the 'net. Apparently, the Minutemen are spreading East and North and they are spreading racist lies along the way--or at least exploiting racist beliefs within local communities.

A county commissioner in rural Tennessee has this to day about Latinos: 'County Commissioner Tom Lowe, who says 'we do not want (all) Hispanics stereotyped as illegal,' estimates as many as 85 percent of Hamblen's Hispanics are - and he fears they carry drug-resistant disease.'

'We could be two or three aliens away from an epidemic that would sweep through our county and state,' the retired pharmacist said."


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