Monday, July 18, 2005

Small Texas towns fight landfills

Small Texas towns fight landfills - The Daily Texan - Top Stories: "Proposed landfill expansions are causing a stink among Austin environmentalists. Residents and activists are upset with landfill management and sprawling towers of trash, which, in one case, have made up about 700 feet of pure waste that is pushing its way to neighboring yards.

This summer has been packed with legislation regarding landfills, the fight over expansion at a Northeast Travis County landfill and the push for landfill policy reform.

Currently, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, the state's environmental authority board, is rewriting landfill rules. Robin Schneider, director of the state environmental lobbyist group Texas Campaign for the Environment, said she and TCE want to make sure TCEQ creates better policies, including better management of facilities.


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