Monday, July 18, 2005

EYE ON POLITICS: Ted Nugent may have 2006 campaign in his sights

EYE ON POLITICS: Ted Nugent may have 2006 campaign in his sights: "Now that pursuit of the 2006 Republican nomination for governor has taken what is likely to be final form -- businessman Dick DeVos a prohibitive favorite (barring an unlikely challenge from risk-averse Congresswoman Candice Miller) over two relatively unknown state lawmakers, Sen. Nancy Cassis and Rep. Jack Hoogendyk -- it seems like a good time to talk about another candidate who almost certainly won't get in the race and, if he did, more than almost certainly could not win.

We refer, of course, to semi-famous guitarist and hunter Ted Nugent.

One can never be quite sure how seriously to take anything that comes out of Uncle Ted's mouth, but he recently told interviewers he was 'getting real close to deciding to run' for governor. That follows a vow made during the 2002 campaign to run in '06 if Democrat Jennifer Granholm was elected.

He's since moved to Texas, but when we asked six months ago, a Nugent spokeswoman said the anti-Granholm pledge had not been retracted."

I almost wish he'd run in Texas. I can just see the comparisons of the Wild Man and Kinky


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