Friday, February 17, 2006

Texas Politics

Texas Politics: "Texas Monthly Fallen Heroes--The 203 Texans who have given their lives in the Iraq war."

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I'm a blogger, and that makes me part of the media and the free press. I did cop the link from Daily Kos, though. The upcoming issue of Texas Monthly has short profiles and pictures of the 203 Texans that have fallen in the Iraq war. We must remember them. I've never served in the military. I'm very proud of my father's 20 years of service with the USAF, including a tour of duty in Vietnam. I'm proud of my own service as a public school teacher. But supporting the troops is not synonymous with supporting the administration, as much as they would have us believe it. Read below the fold for the link.

So click this link to Texas Monthly, and pray, or meditate, or curse the gods. Whatever you want to do. Just remember the troops. They paid the ultimate price for each and everyone of us.

I just edited this post so it pointed to the first page of the Texas Monthly article.


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