Thursday, January 19, 2006

DeLay Rankings main page

DeLay Rankings main page: "Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay has been indicted for money laundering and conspiracy. He's the face of big money corruption. But to his colleagues in Congress, he's a true sugar daddy. Everybody 'owes Mr. DeLay for something—a job, a piece of legislation, or a large campaign contribution,' says The New York Times. We've created a ranking based on how often they vote the way DeLay does, how much DeLay's PAC contributed to them, how much they've contributed to DeLay's legal defense fund, and so on."

Great site. Here are the Texas stats.


  • took $196,167 from ARMPAC
  • took $5,000 from DeLay Campaign Fund
  • gave $66,000 to DeLay Defense Fund
  • 9 votes for the DeLay Rule
Rank Full Name Dist Party $ from DeLay $ to DeLay
(legal fund)
Vote % DeLay
(ARMPAC) Campaign
145Louis B Gohmert Jr1R$10,000$0$093.63%4.87
196Ted Poe2R$5,000$0$093.14%3.36
103Sam Johnson3R$545$0$6,00095.43%5.41
110Ralph M Hall4R$10,000$0$094.12%5.38
30Jeb Hensarling5R$20,000$0$5,00096.46%7.43
111Joe Barton6R$20$4,000$093.46%5.37
54John Culberson7R$5,000$0$5,00098.04%6.46
73Kevin Brady8R$10,000$0$095.93%5.92
328Al Green9D$0$0$014.84%0.30
144Michael McCaul10R$10,000$0$093.82%4.88
128Mike Conaway11R$10,000$0$097.05%4.94
59Kay Granger12R$4,982$0$5,00094.99%6.40
181Mac Thornberry13R$14$0$095.80%3.42
178Ron Paul14R$6,000$0$073.56%3.97
283Ruben Hinojosa15D$0$0$022.11%0.44
267Silvestre Reyes16D$0$0$025.01%0.50
248Chet Edwards17D$0$0$031.91%0.64
348Sheila Jackson Lee18D$0$0$013.01%0.26
102Randy Neugebauer19R$15,000$0$097.13%5.44
300Charlie A Gonzalez20D$0$0$018.59%0.37
59Lamar Smith21R$20$0$10,00094.85%6.40
5Henry Bonilla23R$22,942$1,000$15,00094.01%8.88
34Kenny Ewell Marchant24R$10,000$0$5,00097.49%6.95
348Lloyd Doggett25D$0$0$012.91%0.26
36Michael Burgess26R$15,000$0$5,00097.03%6.94
245Solomon P Ortiz27D$0$0$033.63%0.67
238Henry Cuellar28D$0$0$037.74%0.75
277Gene Green29D$0$0$023.55%0.47
341Eddie Bernice Johnson30D$0$0$013.56%0.27
12John Carter31R$20,000$0$5,00098.64%7.97
14Pete Sessions32R$21,644$0$5,00096.84%7.94


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