Friday, October 07, 2005

Teacher pay flat; Texas' salaries still rank 30th in nation

El Paso Times - Local news: "Texas still ranks 30th nationally in teacher pay, a survey released Thursday shows, after three legislative sessions this year failed to deliver on promises to give educators more money.

'These are little lives we deal with all day long. It's a huge responsibility to take care of children, and I don't think a lot people realize that,' said Cecy Guerra, who teaches kindergarten at East Point Elementary.

As it did last year, Texas ranked 30th among the 50 states, with an average teacher salary of $40,476, according to the American Federation of Teachers' survey. Local teachers and administrators said the low salary is a sign Texas doesn't prioritize public education. But one local lawmaker said state leaders are working to get teachers better pay and school districts could do more to improve the lot of teachers."


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