Wednesday, October 12, 2005

House of Card

Whiskey Bar: House of Card: "If Howard Fineman is right, and Andrew Card really is making a move to topple Karl Rove, then this country could be in a heap of trouble. Rove, at least, is smart, even if it is a feral, devious brand of intelligence. Card, on the other hand, is as dense as a truck load of gravel -- a half-full truck load of gravel.

He'd might even tell you that himself, in fact he already has:

Like his boss, Card is an aggressively lowfalutin character . . . 'I'm not a very smart person,' Card says. 'I have to work really hard at remembering things.'

Having dealt with Card at various points during my own aggressively undistinguished career as a journalist, I can vouch for the fact that Andy is not misunderestimating himself."


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