Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Judith Miller Had More Than One Source (Duh!)

firedoglake: "
CNN is reporting that in Judy Miller's testimony today before Patrick Fitzgerald's Grand Jury she revealed she had more than one source.

How CNN would know I have no idea (must be some sort of lawyer or FBI leak) but it means one of two things:

1) Miller bold-faced lied in her press conference about the fact that the scope of her deal with Fitzgerald was limited to testimony about Libby alone:

Once I got a personal, voluntary waiver, my lawyer, Mr. Bennett, approached the special counsel to see if my grand jury testimony could be limited to the communications with the source from whom I had received that personal and voluntary waiver. The special counsel agreed to this and that was very important to me.

Since her attorneys Bob Bennett and Floyd Abrams both said in interviews that her testimony was limited to the entire Plame affair (meaning it excluded testimony about the Niger uranium matter, which Fitzgerald's original subpoena sought), this may well be true.

2) Fitzgerald busted Judy in a lie before the Grand Jury, and all deals are now off."


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