Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Wrath of Earle feared in Texas

World Peace Herald: "Ronnie Earle, to many Republicans and especially Tom DeLay and his friends, appears as the devil incarnate: A rotten, mean-spirited Democrat with an ax to grind. Evil, partisan, unfair -- and not too bright.

Here in the Texas capital -- where they have elected him as their district attorney ever since 1976 -- it is a bit more complicated when talking of things Earle.

Some, particularly those Democrats who consider him the only thing between them and threatened obsolescence for the Democratic Party statewide, admire him greatly.

Others, including members of the Legislature -- heavily Republican -- and their staffs, fear him somewhat, even make fun of him behind his back, but tread cautiously. "

One of the best pieces of seen yet on Earle's non-partisanship.


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