Tuesday, October 04, 2005

PinkDome - October 03, 2005 - Harriet Miers Does Have Some Experience!

PinkDome - October 03, 2005 - Harriet Miers Does Have Some Experience!: "Here's an example of good judgement:

This is a story from the October 21, 2001 Houston Chronicle. In the late 1990s two guys, a former pro football player named Russell Erxleben and Brian Stearns, ran a $40 million + ponzi scheme involving hundreds of people, bilking them out of tens of thousands of dollars a piece. The secret to the sheer magnitude of their scheme is that rather than keeping their money in a bank, they kept it in Locke, Liddell and Sapp's trust fund. They then convinced potential 'investors' that the money was safe because it was locked up in this big law firm's trust fund. To close the deal, they told them that one Harriet Miers was a partner there and that she worked for the governor. Locke Liddell knew what was going on, kept quiet about it and ended up getting sued and having to settle for more than $30 million in the affair. At the time Miers was a managing partner, meaning she was on watch when this scandal went down."


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