Saturday, October 15, 2005

Come and Take it!: "Attack Dog" Prosecutor? Look Behind You!

Come and Take it!: "Attack Dog" Prosecutor? Look Behind You!: "'Attack Dog' Prosecutor? Look Behind You!"

Republicans are worried. The prosecution of Tom DeLay may turn the disgraced Party Leader into a lead domino - his fall in turning knocking down Republican after Republican as the corruption that has eaten its way through the Republican Party is exposed. How worried?

The Free Enterprise Fund, a conservative Republican-shadow-attack organization, is now paying FOX network (big surprise!) to air a television commercial that smears Prosecutor Ronnie Earle an "attack dog". It warns that a prosecutor with an ax to grind can be "dangerous".

Not that Ronnie Earle has such an ax (other than against corruption), but the Republicans actually got one right - a politically motivated prosecution is dangerous. They should know. They are the ones that let their pet attack dog, Ken Starr, hump the leg of the American people for five long years. Even Starr himself has admitted (see link above) that his investigation never should have progressed in the manner it did. Of course, a dog will follow the Meaty Bone no matter where its master puts it. In this case, it stuck it in the pants of a sitting President. No matter, the job is more important than the man - and the American people deserve to know if their elected leader committed a crime.

Ok, so why is this NOT true for Tom DeLay?

Let's examine the facts:


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