Saturday, October 15, 2005

Gonzales hints at possible return to Texas politics

KRT Wire | 10/14/2005 | Gonzales hints at possible return to Texas politics: "The Supreme Court may not be in his future, but Attorney General Alberto Gonzales may have his eye elsewhere.

The Texas Republican suggested he wouldn't be averse to running for office in his home state once he leaves the Justice Department. That statement places him on the radar screen for Republican strategists and contributors strategizing campaign cycles in 2008 and beyond, political experts say.

'I wouldn't close the door, no,' Gonzales said in an interview.

Suggesting he's given the issue some thought, Gonzales noted that his absence from the Texas political scene since 2001 might prove a hindrance.

'It would be kind of tough,' he said Thursday as he returned to Washington from a border summit in San Antonio. 'But I love Texas.'

Bill Miller, a Republican political consultant in Austin, Texas, said it is 'very significant that he's showing colors at this stage.'"


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