Saturday, October 15, 2005

Political Wire: Rove Keeps Fundraising

Political Wire: Rove Keeps Fundraising: "'While colleagues express concern that presidential adviser Karl Rove could be indicted in the CIA leak case, he continues to be scheduled for private fund-raisers by the Republican National Committee,' Robert Novak writes.

'Rove was listed for such a money-raising reception Oct. 14 in New York City, the same day he was to testify for the fourth time to a federal grand jury. Rove is scheduled for a fund-raiser Monday in Greenwich, Conn. Earlier, he appeared at such events in Lexington, Ky., and Indianapolis on Sept. 26.'

'A footnote: President Bush is scheduled to raise money at a reception and dinner in Los Angeles Thursday. That ignores the request by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger that the president stay out of California prior to the Nov. 8 election on several propositions favored by the governor.'"


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