Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Governor Perry Signs Education Budget; Adds Eminent Domain to Special Session Call

KAUZ NewsChannel 6|News: "Gov. Rick Perry today signed the $33.1 billion Texas Education Agency budget and added eminent domain to the special session agenda so that legislators can protect private property rights.
“I am signing HB 1, not because it adequately funds education reforms, but because it ensures schools will open on time,” Perry said. “I remain hopeful that the legislature will act in the remaining days of this special session to finish the job of reforming our education system, giving teachers a meaningful pay increase and funding textbooks.” Perry also added eminent domain to the call, saying, “This is a very important issue to Texans who want assurances their private property won’t be taken from them to advance someone else’s private interests. I hope legislators can come to a consensus on protecting Texans from unfair land grabs.”"


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