Monday, August 08, 2005

Off the Kuff: DeLay's dilemma

Off the Kuff: DeLay's dilemma: "
I have a pet theory about what DeLay is up to, since we've seen several out-of-character things from him lately, ranging from his ballot access petition to his sudden proclivity for pork. I think DeLay wants to do more than just win his race against Nick Lampson. I think he wants to get back above 60% of the vote. In doing so, he'll get the last laugh on everyone who ever wrote about him as being 'endangered' electorally - he took the Democrats' best shot of a well-known, well-financed former incumbent and won handily. Having done that, he can go back to doing what he really wants to do, which is get other Republicans elected and keep the K Street money flowing.

Obviously, I have no connection to the man himself, and even if I did this kind of streetcorner psychologizing should always be taken with an appropriate measure of salt. But it's what I think, anyway.

I believe he'll have a very hard time meeting that goal (if it exists for him), and not because of who he's running against or the 'culture of corruption' of which he is an integral part. I think he'll find that his district is becoming less hospitable to him over time, and if he wins in 2006 he'll still be endangered in 2008."


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