Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Thune: Texas lawsuit should hold more sway on Ellsworth

AP Wire | 08/10/2005 | Thune: Texas lawsuit should hold more sway on Ellsworth: "South Dakota Sen. John Thune said this week that the Air Force is ignoring and misrepresenting a lawsuit filed against Dyess Air Force Base in Texas over the flight patterns of B1-B bombers training there.

Under Pentagon recommendations released in May, Ellsworth Air Force Base in Rapid City, S.D., would transfer all of its B1-B bombers to Dyess and close permanently. Thune and other members of the South Dakota congressional delegation have argued that all of the nation's B1-B bombers should not be consolidated in one place.

They have used the Texas lawsuit, filed because of noise complaints, as further ammunition.

The lawsuit was filed by local residents and led to a temporary court-ordered restriction of B1-B flight patterns in the area. Thune took issue with a July 19 letter from Air Force Lt. Col. David L. Johansen that said the Air Force had 'voluntarily' changed its flying altitude to accommodate local residents when the changes in fact stemmed from the lawsuit."


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