Sunday, July 17, 2005

Senate to Vote on Hawaiian Self-Rule Bill - Yahoo! News

Senate to Vote on Hawaiian Self-Rule Bill - Yahoo! News: "After six years of trying, Sen. Daniel Akaka (news, bio, voting record) hopes to finally see a vote in the Senate this week on one of the hardest-fought measures of his congressional career — his bill to grant his fellow Native Hawaiians federal recognition.

'It will have a historical impact,' said Akaka, D-Hawaii. 'It affects Hawaii, the Pacific, the nation.'

The measure is tentatively scheduled for debate Monday night and Tuesday, with a vote on Wednesday. Akaka and Hawaii's other Democratic senator, Daniel Inouye, say there are enough votes for approval.

It would grant Native Hawaiians the same rights of self-government enjoyed by American Indians and Native Alaskans, and would lead to U.S. recognition of a native governing entity.

The bill has the support of Hawaii's Democratic and Republican leaders of all races, including Gov. Linda Lingle and the state Legislature. Several thousand Hawaiians and non-Hawaiians signed an advertisement in support of the bill that appeared in last Sunday's Honolulu Advertiser."


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