Friday, July 29, 2005

House Speaker Craddick unsure if deal can be reached - Local News - 07/29/2005 - House Speaker Craddick unsure if deal can be reached: "A week into the second legislative special session on school finance, House Speaker Tom Craddick, R-Midland, said he has 'no idea at this point' if the Legislature will come out with a deal on school finance this special session.

However, lawmakers continue to work through House Bill 2, an education reform bill, and House Bill 3, property tax relief. This session immediately followed one that ended July 20 when both chambers couldn't agree on the bills.

Craddick said House Bill 2 was a 'really good bill' offering $2.5 billion to schools, teacher raises and more transparency and accountability. 'We ended up not being able to get it passed. We're looking at options to it,' he said.

He declined to elaborate on what those options might be.

Craddick said there is no bipartisan support for the bills and people are 'worn out' from voting on the same thing."


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