Friday, July 29, 2005

McNeely: Gov. Perry's special sessions backfiring - Editorial & Opinion - 07/29/2005 - McNeely: Gov. Perry's special sessions backfiring

Perhaps there is a new chairman for the Carole Keeton Strayhorn Booster Club: Rick Perry.

Yes, the Republican governor, who keeps calling the Texas Legislature back to pass what he says are improvements for schools and tax policy, continues to see things blow up in his face. Strayhorn, who announced recently she'll challenge Perry in next year's Republican primary for governor, has been taking potshots at Perry for months. Sometimes she's had to strain for ammunition. No more: Perry is now re-loading her guns for her.

After the Texas House of Representatives turned thumbs down on the governor's education package Tuesday, Perry said there were still 24 days left in the 30-day special legislative session to deal with it.

But perhaps too many legislators in both major political parties have bitten Perry's school finance/tax cut nickel, and figured out at best, it's wooden. They've been home and heard from their constituents, who think they're better off now than with the Perry-Craddick approach of raising taxes on the poor to give the rich a tax cut, while putting very little new money into schools.

Enough Republican House members joined with Democrats to amend the school finance bill that its sponsor, Rep. Kent Grusdendorf, R. Arlington, helped kill it.


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