Thursday, July 28, 2005

Burnt Orange Report - The Leadership Stands at Ease

Burnt Orange Report - The Leadership Stands at Ease: "LTG Dewhurst continues to insist he has the votes to pass SB2, but he has now pulled everyone behind a closed-door caucus meeting to make sure. Many people continue to believe he doesn't have the votes -- remember, Speaker Craddick also thought he had the votes, and we all saw what happened Tuesday.

Everyone needs to start working from the center out, and not from the left/right in. Governor Perry can sign HB1 and schools can go on this year as normal. In the meantime, that majority of bipartisan lawmakers that want to get things right and aren't just looking for campaign cover should convince the leadership to step back. Let those willing to come together work out the school finance plan, and tell Perry, Dewhurst, and Craddick to stop playing politics with Texas' public schools."


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