Sunday, July 17, 2005

Friedman says all Texans independents

Friedman says all Texans independents: "Friedman said the major parties – Republican and Democrat – monopolize politics and, as a result, voter turnout in Texas is at an all time low. “A good voter turnout is only 29 percent,” said Friedman. “The voter turnout in Iraq is at 55 percent so what does that tell you.”

Describing the two major parties, Friedman said Texans “should have another choice besides paper or plastic.”

“With 40 percent of the vote as an independent, I will be the next governor of the State of Texas, but the 71 percent (those who don’t normally vote) will have to come out and cast their vote,” said Friedman. “When that happens there will be Bluebonnets in America.”

Friedman said there hasn’t been an independent elected to office in Texas in 146 years and that career politicians are counting on that to continue.

“When I have 50,000 signatures on a petition and my name on the ballot those politicians will not be very happy,” said Friedman. They forget, he said, that “every Texan is an independent.”"


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