Saturday, July 16, 2005

Mysterious Texas Lights Draw Crowds

Mysterious Texas Lights Draw Crowds - Yahoo! News: "Nevada has Area 51. New Mexico has Roswell. Texas has the Marfa Lights.

Whatever's out there sparkling or dancing across Mitchell Flat and toward the Chinati Mountains has both befuddled people and attracted them to this remote area east of Marfa for well over a century.

They start converging about dusk on a desolate spot in the West Texas desert with a ridge view and an expanse of some 20 miles of treeless rangeland.

A few bring lawn chairs. Some find a spot on concrete picnic tables. Others lean against a brick wall.

With darkness toward to the east and the remnants of a spectacular sunset to the west, the first cries erupt.

'Look! Look!'

Fingers point. Binoculars get fine tuned. A few cameras click. All the attention focuses on specks of brilliance.

Legend. Myth. Natural phenomenon. UFOs?"

I once made a wild two day trip just to see the lights. I saw them. I've always said the Marfa Chamber of Commerce hired local Boy Scouts to flash their flashlights at random and boost the local economy. But the lights are there. I've seen them.


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