Friday, June 17, 2005

The Red State: Rumors of a Special

The Red State: Rumors of a Special: "Special what, you say? Special session. In a town that loves its rumors, Austin is a buzz that Gov. Perry will call a Special Session very soon. It is said to start next Tuesday. Harvey at the QR and TRS friends in Austin are saying that the rumor is... a rumor.

Yea! I was wondering what we were going to talk about this summer at TRS. Of course Gov. Perry is doing this for the children and this has nothing to do with the race for Governor.

FYI: Special Sessions are called for only a 30 day period but can be extended. The Governor will determine the call (purpose) of the session. Any legislation outside that call is subject to a point of order that is immediately sustained. The call can be extended by the Governor."


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