Monday, June 20, 2005

Facing South: You Just Can’t Co-Sponsor Everything

Facing South: You Just Can’t Co-Sponsor Everything: "ohn Cornyn, though, did assure the Senate last Monday that “the era of widespread lynching in our nation’s history is deplorable,” and was quoted by Roll Call (via Capitol Buzz) saying that “there are different ways to acknowledge those times when Americans have failed to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves.” Yes, those lynchers sure failed to achieve their goal of not beating, castrating, hanging, and shooting African American men.

An aide to Kay Bailey Hutchison (whose name I have frequently misspelled, though I don’t think I’ll bother to apologize) told the Houston Chronicle that the senators didn’t cosponsor the resolution because “it was guaranteed to pass,” then continued with a non-explanation:

“For her, lynching is something that is very present,” [Hutchison aide] Paulitz said. “This is something she knows very personally. But as a member of the Senate leadership, you just can't co-sponsor everything.”"


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