Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Eye On Williamson County: Did You Expect Something Different?

Eye On Williamson County: Did You Expect Something Different?: "Our state government was unable to pass a school finance/property tax reform package during the 79th Legislature. That appears to be good for Texas but bad for the governor. I believe that the Republicans have reached the end of their tax-cutting line. They cannot cut taxes any further without obliterating worthwhile programs which most people agree the government should pay for, like public schools; health care for the young, sick and elderly; roads; etc. They are stuck. That is why they couldn't get a compromise worked out this session. One way or another, they were going to have to piss off one of their constituents, and they couldn't agree on which one--their constituents being those that fund their campaigns and not the people of Texas, of course. The poor people don't have any more money, the middle class is quickly running out of money, so that leaves only the rich left with money. The Republicans can only get out of this jam by raising taxes on the rich. Oh, isn't that rich?! And it appears that it will be left to the activist Texas Supreme Court to make the final decision. "


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