Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Off the Kuff: Let the analyses begin

Off the Kuff: Let the analyses begin: "he major papers all have analyses of the finally-ended 79th Lege and how its performance will affect Governor Perry in his reelection battle. The consensus is more or less that Perry won a few and lost a few, and that nobody knows just yet how the failure to reform school finance will play out. For me, the best take comes from the Morning News:

Gov. Rick Perry cemented his relationship with social conservatives this legislative session, but he didn't make many new friends.


In his session's 140-day to-do list, Mr. Perry scored some major victories: revamping the workers' compensation system, requiring parental consent on abortions, securing new help for abused and neglected children.

But the issue at the top of the list – billions more dollars for education and a restructuring of the tax system that pays for schools – circled around the drain at midnight Saturday."


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