Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Taylor County Democrats

Taylor County Democrats

Fort Bend Now has caught one of the most important stories about grassroots politics in Texas, and I want to make sure it doesn't stay under the radar.

Why is this story important? Because both parties have become complacent about politics as usual. Lots of Republican precinct chairs are vacant in Fort Bend because everyone trusted or didn't care about the good old boys in power. The GOP ruled, and that was good enough.

Lots of Democratic precinct chairs in Taylor County (Abilene)are vacant as well. Because we acted like a bunch of whipped yellow dogs. The Republican party had taken over. No way we could beat them in Red Texas. We whined and yelped, and like dogs bit**ed, but did nothing to rebuild the party. There is no excuse, however.

We can't run a 50 state strategy. We can't run a 254 county strategy in Texas. We are the people, and we need to run a strategy based on every single precinct, in every state. If you are a county chair for the Democratic party, I challenge you. If you have a precinct that had only one Democratic voter, you need to convince that person to be county chair. We must have a precinct chair in every precinct.

There isn't a county in Red Texas that doesn't include a voting Democrat. There shouldn't be a county that doesn't have a county chair.

Click through and read this story. Grassroots politics counts. Especially when it matters.

DeLay Replacement Process Shines Light On Precinct Chair Vacancies - FortBendNow: "As Republican Party officials in four counties prepare for the impending resignation of U.S. Rep. Tom DeLay, increasing attention is focusing on a seemingly mundane side issue: Precinct chair vacancies.

But with precinct chairman about to play a key role in naming DeLay’s replacement in the race against Democrat Nick Lampson for Congressional District 22, vacant precincts – and how or whether they will be filled – have become an election issue.

The reason involves politics and math."


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