Friday, January 13, 2006

True Blue Liberal » Connecting the Dots: Abramoff and Rove

True Blue Liberal » Connecting the Dots: Abramoff and Rove: "Did you know that Jack Abramoff and Karl Rove shared an executive assistant?

In 2001, Karl Rove needed a Gal Friday, someone to help oversee the “strategic planning, political affairs, public liaison, and intergovernmental affairs efforts of the White House.”

He chose Susan Ralston, who came highly recommended from a friend: Jack Abramoff. Ralston performed similar duties for the Don of K Street—that is until Abramoff realized she’d be far more useful embedded in the West Wing. (Ralston had also previous worked for Abramoff and Rove’s fellow College Republican crony Ralph Reed.)"

I have no doubt that the "GOP culture of corruption" extends all the way to the White House. Impeach now.


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