Monday, January 09, 2006

Franklin For Texas--Rick Perry ignores School Funding

I found this in my inbox this week--

"I wanted to make you aware of my blog:
I am a candidate for the Texas State Legislature from East Texas. I am the first Democrat ever to challenge our incumbent Republican in District 7, and the first openly gay candidate for any office in East Texas. It is hard for me to walk out my front door these days without making history."

Mr. Franklin has been averaging a post a day, many of them being longer, well-reasoned original pieces. Readers who vote in Texas House District 7 need to take a look. I can't agree more with the following piece, but as a teacher I'm biased.

Franklin For Texas: "For those of you who are keeping track, it has been exactly 48 days since the Texas Supreme Court ruled that the state’s school finance system is unconstitutional.

In 48 days not a single committee hearing has been convened, not a word of legislation has been authored, and not a single vote has been cast. The clock is ticking on a court-imposed June 1 deadline. Parents, teachers, and school boards across Texas wait and wonder whether the legislature will ever go to work at all.

There is only one man standing in the way of the Legislature going to work, and that man is Governor Rick Perry."


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