Thursday, October 06, 2005

Think Again: Meet Roy Blunt. (If You Liked Tom DeLay.) - Center for American Progress

This whole Tom DeLay mess appears to have put members of the Beltway MSM in a bit of a Texas-sized pickle. If it’s been going on for so long and we all knew these indictments were coming, why, only now, are the media beginning to pay careful attention?

Back in November, fearing that DeLay would likely be indicted by a grand jury as part of an ongoing investigation by Travis County, Texas District Attorney Ronnie Earle, much of the news media appeared to fall into lockstep with the Republicans, charging that DeLay was the victim of a politically inspired witch hunt. Their method of attack then was as it is now, to charge Earle – without the benefit of any evidence of wrongdoing on his part – with the crime of being a Democrat. FOX News naturally marched in lockstep with DeLay’s efforts to smear Earle, with correspondent Brian Wilson calling Earle an "intensely partisan Democratic district attorney." In addition, the US News and World Report's right-wing pundit, Michael Barone, appeared on the network to insist that Earle was a "partisan Democrat who has done some really rotten, political prosecuting." Of course, almost all of Earle's detractors carefully ignored the inconvenient fact that fully 12 of the 15 politicians Earle has prosecuted over the years had been Democrats.

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Anonymous Bineaux said...

I grew-up in Blunt's district. Long before Nashville has-beens discovered Branson, S.W. Mo. has had more Evangelicals per square mile than Baghdad has Muslems. Roy Blunt is just the other side of DeLay's coin.
He comes from and plays to the same constituency. When it comes to being "bought & paid for," he sups at the same trough. He just hasn't gotten as fat at that trough, YET!

10:40 AM  

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