Thursday, October 13, 2005

Burnt Orange Report - Anti-Prop 2 Ads: Good or Bad idea?

Burnt Orange Report - Anti-Prop 2 Ads: Good or Bad idea?: "I noticed today, that the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force has gone up with a $200,000 TV ad buy in Houston, urging voters to cast ballots against Constitutional Amendment 2. I have mixed feelings to say the least. To view them go here.

One of the good things about Houston cable is that you can do much better targeting than say in Austin or San Antonio, because they have their network set up where you can get your ad only in front of the audiences you want it. Don't want to broadcast to blacks? Or just to certain age demographics? Odds are that you can do it with Houston cable. For that I am thankful because for this election, untargeted Broadcast Ads are NOT the way to win. There are very few areas where raising awareness of an actual election going on to the populace at large gets us a boost in turnout that actually help us."

Sadly, I think Karl-Thomas is right in this piece. Read the rest.


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