Saturday, September 10, 2005

Rove story costs S.A. lawyer her state job Metro | State: "A state agency lawyer quoted in a nationally-circulated news story as questioning Karl Rove's eligibility to vote in Kerr County is out of a job and feeling twice burned.

Elizabeth Reyes said she was fired Tuesday as an attorney in the elections division of the Texas secretary of state's office because she appeared in a Washington Post story Saturday about the presidential adviser.

The article, which was reprinted in papers across the country, quoted Reyes as saying Rove's ownership of Kerr County property may not qualify him to vote there.

Reyes, a 30-year-old San Antonio native, is seeking reinstatement to the job she'd held since May.

She said she was dismissed on grounds of violating an agency policy that allows staff to respond to routine questions but directs them to refer controversial, sensitive or legal inquiries to their supervisors or a press officer."


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Anonymous Bino said...

Re: the now unemployed state employee; I subscribe to "The Post" on-line & read the article in it's entireity The piece pointed out that Rove claims a "Homestead" exemption in D.C. which he is now being denied & now must repay 3 yrs. worth of past exemptions. He also claims an exemption for a home in Austin & as the article points out, a "homestead" in Kerr County that no one has ever seen or knows the whereabouts of. Several other people in Kerr County were interviewed & none of them could recall seeing Mr. Rove anywhere in Kerr County.
To paraphrase Joseph Welch in The Army-McCarthy hearings; "Have you no shame Mr. Rove? Have you no shame?"

8:21 PM  

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