Saturday, September 10, 2005

Hear that sound? It's the echo of Sharpstown

Star-Telegram | 09/10/2005 | Hear that sound? It's the echo of Sharpstown: "We have known for years that an antiquated, inadequate and unfair tax system was eroding public education in Texas. But when a state court confirmed that last November by declaring the current system unconstitutional, we could no longer avoid the issue.

The result was a regular session and three special sessions in which absolutely nothing was accomplished.

The stunning failure of the Legislature to address the issue has exposed lawmakers to a barrage of richly deserved public criticism.

Legislators blame teachers and superintendents. Democrats blame Republicans. The House blames the Senate. Speaker Tom Craddick, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst and Gov. Rick Perry blame one another.

Now it will be left to the state Supreme Court to rule on the appeal of the lower ruling. (Then they can all blame it on 'activist judges' . . . But I digress.)

As we await that decision, the public is left with another important question: How should we, as voters, respond to the demonstrated incompetence of our elected officials?"


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