Friday, July 22, 2005

Viewpoint: Someone has to pay - The Daily Texan - Opinion

Viewpoint: Someone has to pay - The Daily Texan - Opinion: "Another deadline has come and gone for the Texas Legislature to fix how the state funds its public schools as the special session on school finance ended Wednesday with no resolution. The core issues that divide lawmakers continue to fade into obscurity, engulfed by the politics and bureaucracy that is the Legislature.

This time around, lawmakers were once again able to pass a budget that would keep schools from closing before they open in August, but the accompanying spending plan and tax bill critical to the whole system's overhaul are still unresolved. Gov. Rick Perry sent legislators back to the Capitol Thursday to work things out.

After what has now been four chances in the past two years to somehow reach a funding compromise, it seems like lawmakers and most Texans have lost sight of the issues this whole struggle was about in the first place.


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