Friday, July 22, 2005

Off the Kuff: Once again: Run every race

Off the Kuff: Once again: Run every race: "If we truly care about our own values, we'll strive to bring candidates who promote them to voters who share them, wherever those voters may be. If we do that, I'm willing to bet we'll find that the support we get, both in terms of votes and donations, is greater than we think. We Democrats in Texas have been complaining about the national party hitting us up for cash for it to spend on races and candidates everywhere else. We should be treating our allies in places like SD7 the same way that we want the DNC to treat us.

Another odd argument I've heard against fielding candidates even in solid GOP territory is that by doing so you'll just drive up Republican turnout in those races. See the first comment here for an example of that genre. Well, hell, by that logic we shouldn't run in any statewide races. I sure hope no one's advocating that. Maybe some of those Republicans who wouldn't bother to vote in noncompetitive races sit them out because they're not really all that committed to the GOP. Maybe some of them, if presented with an alternative, might consider taking that alternative. For certain, we're not going to convince too many people to vote for us if we don't have the decency to ask them to do so."


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