Sunday, June 19, 2005

Texans near border see signs that violence is closing in | News for Dallas, Texas | Texas/Southwest: "It's no longer a question of when the violence is going to bleed over to Zapata. The narco-terrorist culture is already here. We're just worried it's going to get worse.'

The explosion of drug killings and kidnappings that has racked Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, 50 miles upriver resonates all too clearly in this sun-baked county of 16,000.

Zapata County residents who have lived all their lives in the shadow of Mexico now refuse to drive over to shop or see doctors because of the violence.

But for some, the threat of violence comes calling.

One Zapata businessman was threatened with kidnapping recently. And an influx of hundreds of Mexican citizens into Zapata over the last few years prompts Sheriff Gonzalez to fear that his town is becoming a haven for drug dealers and their hired guns, including members of the notorious Gulf cartel enforcers, the Zetas."


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