Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Red State: Strayhorn to announce for Gov; Chris it's your turn

The Red State: Strayhorn to announce for Gov; Chris it's your turn: "Harvey at the QR, through his double secret sources, has posted that Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn will her run for Governor of Texas on Saturday. While it is no big surprise that she wants to be gov, the timing makes it fun because she will have the high ground to lob grenades during a special session. Hey Chris, this would be a great time to announce that you are running for Governor of the Great State of Texas.

Gov. Goodhair has two choices. He can call a special session, risk failure again, and give the ammo box to Strayhorn and Hutchinson if the Lege doesn't produce meaningful change or he can wait for the courts to force the legislature to do something thereby making him look even more like an ineffectual governor."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Susan Combs forced this move by Strayhorn, it wasn't Carole's first choice and she may change her mind again whatever she says in her announcement. Kay "If elected, I will run" Hutchison is the one in a box. Giving up a Senate seat is no easy decision and not one she'll likely make just to make Dewhurst, Abbott, Strayhorn and others happy. Governor Rick isn't so weak as you think.

5:29 AM  
Blogger Mike Cable said...

I believe Perry is probably the strongest candidate in terms of the
GOP primary. I believe he is far weaker than KBH in terms of the
general election. I think this is why the GOP is so worried about her
jumping into the race. A bloody primary just might bloody Perry
enough to allow Chris Bell or another Dem to sneak a win. I see
Strayhorn as a spoiler--mostly spoiling any chance of KBH besting
Perry in the primary. But she would also damage Perry. Kinky is a
spoiler as well--I'm just not sure who he will hurt at this point.

12:35 PM  

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