Thursday, June 16, 2005

Save Texas Reps » Pressure on Perry to Dump Greer

Save Texas Reps » Pressure on Perry to Dump Greer: "Gov. Rick Perry, his third failed legislative session on the books and his poll numbers in the ditch, is under mounting pressure to dump his hand-picked Lottery director because of growing controversies over make-believe jackpots, open politicking, and the still-unresolved fiasco of a possibly illegal contract with a Las Vegas law firm.

Reagan Greer, a former Bexar County District Clerk and chairman of Perry’s re-election effort there in 2002, was picked to head up the Lottery after losing his own re-election bid. To make sure his political crony qualified, Perry pushed through a change in state statute, removing the requirement that the Lottery director have a college degree and clearing the way for high-school graduate Greer."


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