Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Common Sense: Betting is illegal in this state

Common Sense: Betting is illegal in this state: "That said, I still agree that Perry is the favorite to win the GOP primary and the 3:1 odds sound about right. The higher the turnout, the more likely that new voters are coming to the polls and I'll put the odds 2:1 Strayhorn if the turnout is above average. Strayhorn's only chance is to really get new voters to the polls in March to offset the traditional conservative wingnut vote. The moderates and independents will go for her, too, giving her just the edge she needs to grab the nomination.

In the General, I call it:
Perry 50, John Sharp 43, Kinky 7 +/- 2
Bell 49, Perry 47, Kinky 3 +/- 2
Strayhorn 51, Sharp 44, Kinky 5 +/-2
Strayhorn 49, Bell 48, Kinky 2 +/-2"


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